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Prevention Strategies

The Crime and Corruption Commission QLD Fraud and Corruption Control Guidelines include prevention measures and activities for reporting, detecting and investigating fraud and corruption.

The Australian Government (Commonwealth) Fraud Control Framework consists of:
  • section 10 of the Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Rule 2014 (Fraud Rule)
  • the Commonwealth Fraud Control Policy (Fraud Policy); and
  • Resource Management Guide No. 201, Preventing, detecting and dealing with fraud (Fraud Guidance).
For further information, refer here

Fraud Control in Australian Government Entities The Better Practice Guide reflects the changing fraud risk landscape and explains measures entities can take in establishing an effective fraud control environment.

Conflicts of Interest

CCC: Are you managing your conflicts of interests properly

Queensland Integrity Commission: Self Assessment and Guide for Ministers on Personal Relationships

Office of the Independent Assessor: Managing Conflicts of Interest

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