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February 2020

In this newsletter -


Hello and welcome to our newsletter.

The CPNQ is a non-profit incorporated association whose membership consists of individual organisations with a proactive interest in the prevention of fraud and corruption in the public, education and private sectors.

Articles or suggestions from our members for future newsletters are more than welcome. If you wish to contribute, or have any feedback or suggestions, please email Adrian.

Any views expressed in this newsletter do not necessarily represent the views of the CPNQ Committee or CPNQ affiliates.

Deterring, Preventing, Detecting Fraud & Corruption
  • West Australian woman jailed for lying about credentials, posing as own referee to land top job - A West Australian woman, who landed a top government job with a $270,000 salary, will spend at least a year in jail for lying on her CV.

  • An internal whistleblower hotline for staff at Ipswich City Council has received 118 complaints accusing former mayors, former councillors and current and former staff members of a wide range of misconduct and corruption offences. Council's interim administrator Greg Chemello said the complaints ranged from accusations of theft, fraud and abuse of power to sexual harassment and racial discrimination and have led to a number of employees being sacked.

Fraud & Corruption Risk
  • Queensland police officer sentenced over releasing domestic violence complainant's details to former partner - accessed confidential police databases, including Q-PRIME, on nine occasions over a year, and passed on the woman's residential address to her ex-husband, who is now subject to a Domestic Violence Order (DVO).

  • Senior Defence bureaucrat accused of nepotism over lucrative $400,000 contract - The Defence Department has confirmed a senior official personally awarded an almost $400,000 contract to an IT company where his son worked, bypassing the usual practice of putting the work out to a competitive tender.

  • Victoria Police could still be conducting false breath tests, anti-corruption watchdog warns - Victoria's anti-corruption watchdog has warned of a repeat of the police force's fake breath test scandal, which could undermine "public confidence" in the entire road safety program.

  • The 'dodgy' world of data enrichment — and why they have my personal information

  • Joint communiqué from Australia's anti-corruption Commissioners - Public officers hold office and exercise public power or functions for public benefit. Corruption may involve the abuse of public office or the improper use of public power by either elected or appointed officials. Maintaining integrity in Government and in public administration demands adherence to standards of conduct.

Training & Information Sharing Opportunities

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  • To be advised: at UQ campus at Queen Street Brisbane.

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Convenor's Message

Welcome all CPNQ members to 2020. I am sure you are all now deeply involved in your important fraud and corruption prevention work.

I would like to update you on the Committee's plans and endeavours for this year.

Your CPNQ management committee have been busy doing some planning for a revitalised and refreshed CPNQ with a focus on our website and technological reach to members and potential members outside the Brisbane CBD and in local government. We have some active subcommittees that would be pleased to hear your thoughts on a revitalised CPNQ website and outreach.

We hope our new venue and choice of presenters in 2019 met your expectations because we have more to come this year. Please feel free to contact any of the Committee to provide feedback and requests.

We look forward to seeing you at our first event in early March this year. Please stay tuned and ensure your emails is receiving our updates.

Best wishes to all for a positive, safe and productive 2020

Jim Meyers

A bit of humour
When a Portland Police officer attempted to return a stolen ID that he’d found on a theft suspect, the ID owner’s initial reaction wasn’t exactly grateful.

Source: Oregon News

Words of Wisdom

There is no kind of dishonesty into which otherwise good people more easily and frequently fall than that of defrauding the government.

Benjamin Franklin


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