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February 2021

In this newsletter -


Hello and welcome to our newsletter.

The CPNQ is a non-profit incorporated association whose membership consists of individual organisations with a proactive interest in the prevention of fraud and corruption in the public, education and private sectors.

Articles or suggestions from our members for future newsletters are more than welcome. If you wish to contribute, or have any feedback or suggestions, please email Adrian.

Any views expressed in this newsletter do not necessarily represent the views of the CPNQ Committee or CPNQ affiliates.

Deterring, Preventing, Detecting Fraud & Corruption

  • IBAC Information sheets - Building integrity during times of crisis or emergency These resources aim to help state and local government sectors review and strengthen integrity responses and improve capacity to prevent corrupt conduct during times of emergency and crisis.

Fraud & Corruption Risk

  • The Australian Security Intelligence Organisation has launched the Think Before You Link campaign which aims to raise awareness of the threat of malicious social media profiles, and educate current and former security clearance holders to understand the signs of a malicious approach online.

  • In December 2020 to mark International Anti-Corruption Day (IAC Day) 2020, CCC Chairperson Alan MacSporran QC wrote to all newly appointed State Government Ministers, Assistant Ministers and Directors-General, urging them to be advocates for integrity and anti-corruption. In his letter the Chairperson warned of the temptations that can confront senior decision-makers when being courted by lobbyists, political donors and consultants.

  • Governance Institute of Australia - Get prepared for 2021: The key challenges and how to tackle them - We asked 10 leaders to identify the key governance and risk management challenges set to strike in 2021 – and their top tip for tackling these. From tearing down silos, to ensuring your leadership is purposeful, to not letting your day be ruled by digital - we received plenty of strong, practical feedback. And after a difficult year, placing a focus on well-being and resilience also shone through strongly as a priority for several of our respondents.

A bit of humour
Stupid Criminals With Ankle Monitors Steal A Forklift And Safe

These idiots stole a forklift and used it to break into a tag agency, stealing the safe inside. They not only left behind a crowbar as evidence, but one of these doofuses had an ankle monitor on them. Needless to say, it didn’t take police long to find them.



  • Arrangements are currently being made for the first CPNQ Seminar for 2021. Stay Tuned!

Words of Wisdom
Being honest may not get you a lot of friends but it’ll always get you the right ones. John Lennon


CPNQ is a voluntary organisation and is not insured for public liability. Members, visitors and others should take this into consideration when deciding whether to participate or otherwise be involved in CPNQ.

Convenor's Message

Dear CPNQ members

Welcome to 2021 a year of promise, challenges and opportunities for all of us and for CPNQ.

The Management Committee has already met this year and big things are in the planning stages including presentations on topics including: conflicts of interest, whistleblowing, criminology, rebuilding an ethical culture after a scandal, probity, cybersecurity and corruption prevention. We also formed a subcommittee to progress the upgrading and updating of our website.

At our Annual General Meeting last November I foreshadowed that the CPNQ’s financial resources and the need to upgrade and update our website has required us to consider charging fees for membership. Those present will recall our Patron, Alan MacSporran, CCC Chairperson supporting the idea. The saying: “There’s no such thing as a free lunch” applies to CPNQ. While CPNQ has tried over many years to maintain a no cost, no frills service; relying on volunteers and charitable donations, it is time we joined the ranks of most professional associations and charged an annual membership fee to meet our running costs and to provide better and more professional services and resources to our members.

We are keen to hear from you about the proposed fee amount, which we aim to keep to a fair and reasonable level (and which for some members may be tax deductible), so that it does not impose adversely on members/membership but permits CPNQ to operate effectively and efficiently. We are also keen to hear from you about how we can best assist you in your and your organisation’s endeavours to prevent fraud and corruption.

We ask that members go to the 30 second survey (within the next fortnight) so we can canvass your opinions.

Stay safe

Jim Meyers

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