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January & February 2019

In this newsletter -


Hello and welcome to our newsletter.

The CPNQ is a non-profit incorporated association whose membership consists of individual organisations with a proactive interest in the prevention of fraud and corruption in the public, education and private sectors.

Articles or suggestions from our members for future newsletters are more than welcome. If you wish to contribute, or have any feedback or suggestions, please email Adrian.

Any views expressed in this newsletter do not necessarily represent the views of the CPNQ Committee or CPNQ affiliates.

Deterring, Preventing, Detecting Fraud & Corruption

Fraud & Corruption Risk

  • Up to $5 billion in public funds potentially misused in NZ last year, Serious Fraud Office warns - The chief executive of the financial crime investigation agency, Julie Read, said she expected up to 5 per cent of government funding to be obtained or used fraudulently.

  • United against corruption - Joint communiqué from Australia’s anti-corruption Commissioners - It is a matter for each public sector leader to determine how they will respond to corruption. Will they exercise the leadership that is required and demonstrate an unshakable willingness and determination to address cultural problems that enable and support corruption? Or will they take another path and perhaps delude themselves in thinking there is no corruption in their organisation?

A bit of humour
A French man is suing the ride-sharing company Uber for ruining his marriage. The accusation? The plaintiff claims that, once he had logged in to Uber on his wife’s phone, the app continued to provide her notifications of his pick-ups and drop-offs. Whatever it was that his wife saw in those notifications allegedly motivated her to file for divorce. Talk about a bad ride. The lawsuit seeks an astonishing €45 million, or about $48 million, in damages for the “pain” caused to the plaintiff in the case. The case is pending, so we have yet to see if the courts will pick up and take the defendants at Uber for a ride for this allegedly destroyed marriage.


Thanks to our Contributors!
We would like to thank all our contributors for sharing articles of interest.

Training & Information Sharing Opportunities
CPNQ Events
  • Details coming soon!!!

Other Organisation's Events
  • Launch of Transparency International's 2018 Corruption Perceptions Index - How does Australia compare? Wednesday 30 January 2019 @ 5.00–7.00pm. TIA Board Member, Professor AJ Brown will present the results, followed by Q&A, networking and refreshments. For enquiries contact Harri Price T 02 9258 6357

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CPNQ is a voluntary organisation and is not insured for public liability. Members, visitors and others should take this into consideration when deciding whether to participate or otherwise be involved in CPNQ.

Convenor's Message

Happy New Year to all CPNQ members and for most of us welcome back to the world of work for 2019.

First of all a big thank you to Kate Ashe, the outgoing 2018 CPNQ Management Committee, and our seminar presenters for a great year of seminars and networking events. Also a big thank you to all our members for sharing their time and attending and participating in our 2018 events.

This year promises many new and exciting changes and developments in the integrity and anti-corruption arenas, in the government and private sectors. I am keen for the CPNQ to help keep us up to date with the changes and to enhance our professional networks and skills in corruption prevention. Our 2019 Management Committee consists of myself as Convenor, Andrew Howard as Deputy Convenor, Michael Mahabeer as Treasurer, Jacqui Wootton as Secretary, Howard Whitton as Assistant Secretary, Adrian Galea as Publicity Coordinator, Wendi Watkins as Memberships Coordinator and David Lavell as Events Coordinator.

On behalf of the Management Committee I invite and encourage you all to play an active role in the CPNQ by attending events, suggesting new seminar topics and networking events, perhaps presenting a seminar and/or considering a future role as a Management Committee member.

I look forward to a very interesting, positive and fruitful 2019 and a strengthening of our anti-corruption efforts at all levels and in all sectors. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me or our other Committee members if you would like to share your thoughts, ideas, or suggestions.

Best wishes for the New Year.


Jim Meyers

Words of Wisdom

“They're certainly entitled to think that, and they're entitled to full respect for their opinions... but before I can live with other folks I've got to live with myself. The one thing that doesn't abide by majority rule is a person's conscience.”
― Harper Lee, To Kill a Mockingbird